Trading Safety for Skin

We are all machines. Self-sufficient and perfect. Programmed and reprogrammed every second of every day by the behaviors and environments that surround us. God, money, love. We are excellently adapted for survival, for getting by....

Myself included. I am a jaded liar. I am a robotic cadet. I've made excuses for my shortcomings and my mistakes for far too long. And as a result, sometimes when I look a little deeper into the mirror, I wonder if I have become the things I once loathed. Have I bought in? Has the pilot light burnt out? Am I running on fumes? I'm tired of hiding from myself.

Some might say that if I even have to ask myself those questions, then they answer themselves, but I disagree. In life, there are times when we can't just accept what's going on around us and shrug our apathetic shoulders. We can't just point fingers and place blame and give up so easily. Sometimes we can't just pretend everything is alright. The fault does not rest in the hands of timing, nor of circumstance. I have never relied on fate to get me by. Never trusted in a god or a "plan" to keep me motivated. I have always believed in myself; the person, not the machine.

I choose to no longer let them wire me. I choose to open my eyes. I choose to destroy, to rebuild, and to reclaim. And in turn, I'll step out of safety and back into skin. The 8th Anniversary of Ring of Honor will be a rebirth. For me. And for professional wrestling. We will live again.


  1. Y'know, at first I didn't believe in you. I saw you merely as Jimmy Jacobs' lacky and nothing more.

    But then I actually watched how you fought guys like Nigel McGuinness and Bryan Danielson. I realized that you were more then that. You were your own wrestler.

    You've been a victim of your own shortcomings for too long. This Saturday, it's time to bring out the same Tyler Black who got the New York crowd chanting "Next World Champ" at you as opposed to when they said "Don't Come Back" during Final Battle 2009.

    Even if they still oppose you, ROH Champs of the past have proven they don't need the people to get them through their title reigns. So whether you depend on them or not, at the end all you need is to bring your best and then some.

    It's time to make Austin Aries' deepest fears realized over his jealousy to you. Slay the dragon that is "A-Double" once and for all. Then you will win more then the title...you'll win the wrestling world.

    -XScarredHeart aka The Wise Mankey

  2. Congrats winning the WORLD TITLE. That was one of the best matches I've ever seen.