All The World's a Stage

-I jammed my neck last weekend in a match with Irish Airborne. I don't think it's anything too serious--as it's already begun to feel better--but it definitely scared me and wasn't necessarily the most comfortable thing I've ever felt. I plan on making 2010 a relatively injury-free year, so suck it Mr. Neck; I own you.

-I was working for AAW when the neck jam happened. Currently, I am teaming there with my long-time friend and part-time partner Jimmy Jacobs. Our match with IA was pretty darn good too..actually the whole show was good...and come to think of it, ya know what? So are most of AAW's shows. I think they kinda fly under the radar as far as indy feds go, but don't sleep on em. Ever since Danny Daniels took over about 5 years ago, they have consistently been putting on solid monthly cards. If you get an opportunity I suggest you YouTube them, or hop onto www.smartmarkvideo.com and pick up some of their recent DVDs. I had a match with Shane Hollister there in February (I think) that was my favorite match of mine so far this year.

-Speaking of Shane (pictured with mohawk), he broke his leg about a month ago and will be out of action until late in the summer. He is one of the best young talents in wrestling. YouTube him too...and send him well wishes on his Facebook.

-Coming up this Friday night I am defending my Ring of Honor World Title against the "Pretty Boy Pitbull" Kenny King. Kenny and I have had a few matches in ROH already, and say what you will about him and his methodology, but he's an incredible athlete. Over the past year or so, Kenny has really come into his own under the tutelage of "A Double" Austin Aries...damn, am I the only one in wrestling without a moniker of some sort?...And my previous contests with Kenny have really been building to this Friday, I feel. I am at the top of my game, and Kenny is the best he's ever been. We're both healthy and in great shape. We match up really well stylistically and I think the people in Dayton are in for a real treat.

-Rolling into Chicago, I'm really looking forward to defending my belt against Chris Hero (not overlooking KK at all, but I intend to leave Dayton with the belt in tow). "That Young Knockout Kid" and I have had many encounters over the course of my 5 year career, but again, I really feel like this one is gonna be epic. Hero is riding high off of he and Claudio's dethroning of the Briscoes. He has his sights set and I'm ready to meet him head on. Plus, Chicago has been like a second home to me throughout my career. Luckily, I've had his number lately and I don't feel like Saturday is gonna be any different. It's MY championship march and it's only just begun.

-About 2 or 3 months ago I decided that I needed to expand my video gaming horizons. See, typically I stick to playing 2 games: Madden and Rock Band/Guitar Hero. I guess that's 3 games, but you get the idea. Lately I've found myself getting bored with the linear nature of those types of games and so I invested in Assassin's Creed. Holy balls, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the free roaming nature in which Altair could run, jump, and climb around the awesome, sprawling Middle-Eastern environments. I loved killing fools. And most importantly, I dug the story. Upon completing the first game, it became evident to me that I needed to continue the series with the second installment. Aaaaand...thanks to Best Buy doing a week long sale of Assassin's Creed 2, I was able to spend hundreds more hours inside the Animus ;). Sequels usually fail for one of two reasons: either A) they can't live up to the original, or B) they are exactly like the original. AC2 is neither of those. It both surpasses and expands the game play and story of the first game. I loved playing it so much that I am now salivating for Assassin's Creed 3...which, to my dismay, probably won't drop until 2011. I need new games! Help me! (P.S. I hate first person shooters, so don't bother recommending any COD or Battlefield games)

-I just revisited Haste The Day's second album "When Everything Falls." It's one of my favorite hardcore albums ever. HTD is actually a Christian hardcore band, but the doses of Jesus are kept to undertones and they in no way interfere with the badassness of the breakdowns or the ultra-catchy, sing-a-long choruses.

-Songs I am liking right now: "Kids in Love" by Mayday Parade, "Soul Sister" by Train, "Live Like You're Dying" by Kris Allen, "Starting Over" by Killswitch Engage, and as much as it pains me to say this because I thoroughly hate her guts "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. I hate myself.


  1. If you like AC 1+2 you'll probably enjoy Batman: Arkham Asylum. Excellent game with a strong story, and friggin' Batman. It's not as free roaming or as long as AC2, but well worth playing.

  2. I was going to recommend Batman Arkham Asylum also. If you have a PS3 you need to pick up Heavy Rain as it's the most story-driven game I've ever played.

  3. AC was a great game! Why don't you like FPS games? My current fav is actually Battlefield Bad Company 2. Unlike Modern Warfare, with those annoying killstreaks, BC2 promotes working as a team rather than being the top solo guy. Plus it has destructible environments, drivable tanks, boats, ATVs, helicopters, and possibly the best sound effects in recent games. It can get very intense and fun! I'm talking about the online multiplayer, the single-player stuff is decent but it's fantastic online.

  4. Dude... really??? Lady Gaga??? The epitome of all that is wrong with music, and society for that matter, and you are endorsing her? Man, where is the TB I know?

  5. I don't like Gaga's music but I think she's definitely a positive influence on society. Why? She freaks people out. Constantly. Buttoned up repressed people who need to be freaked out on a regular basis. She's like Marilyn Manson, except she makes music so annoyingly mainstream that she can't really be marginalized.

  6. I don't really dig the way first person shooters play. I hate not being able to see behind me and I don't like the aiming system most of them employ. I just bought Left 4 Dead and aside from the repetitive (yet fun) game play, the first person thing just irritates me. I think I will be trying Batman. I demoed it once and really enjoyed it..just gotta find it cheap now.

    As for Gaga, I hate her intensely. But I do admire the fact that she is able to make people care about her. "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" are abominations, but "Bad Romance" is mega-catchy and lyrically respectable. I found myself humming it.

  7. Haste The Day, huh? I might have to check them out

  8. Yeah Big d, check em out. They have 4 major albums (with a 5th upcoming). After album number two (When Everything Falls) they switched singers though, and consequently their 3rd outing Pressure The Hinges kinda sucks. But they brought it back with their 4th album Dreamer. www.myspace.com/hastetheday